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Bluff Springs Campground is available to groups and organizations wishing to use the grounds for purposes that are in harmony with the standards to which these grounds have been consecrated.
Fee Structure
Every year the Bluff Springs Campground Board reviews and sets the fee structure.  For the most current fees, please refer to the "Cost to Use the Campgrounds" page.
Availability of Grounds
Certain weeks are reserved for Community of Christ functions every year.  Reservations are made on a "first-come, first-served" basis.  You may contact the Manager, Tara Evans at (850) 256 - 2767, or complete the Reservation form on the "Paperwork and Forms" page.
Deposit Requirements
Effective January 1, 2015, a non-refundable reservation deposit of $225 is due at the time of booking.  This deposit will be credited toward the activity balance.
Peak Season Policy


During the peak season, June - July, an additional non-refundable peak season deposit of $500 is required upon booking for all reservations.  This additional deposit will be credited toward the activity balance but will not be refunded.

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