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Cost to Use the Campgrounds

The following rates are valid for the 2018 camping season.  Rates are evaluated each year and subject to change.

Minimum Charges for Overnight Use

This fee does NOT include meals.

June - July             August - May

$800 per night       $500 per night

Note:  To cover this cost with participant fees, the event would need 34 participants in the summer months and 21 in the remaining nine months of the year.

Fees (per person)

*Day rate fees will be added for persons who stay beyond normal arrival and check out times for the activity

**If more than four hours or if buildings are used, activity is charged at day rate and the $100 minimum will apply.

Meal Costs (per person)

Adults/Youth (5 years and older)                $10 per meal

Youth (Under 5)                                             No Charge

Snacks                                                           $1.00 

Because congregations in the Alabama/Northwest Florida and Gulf Mission Centers of the Community of Christ support Bluff Springs through assessments and regular donations, they are eligible for decreased rates.

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