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Announcing the Adopt-Me Program

Here are the projects that are now available for adoption.  If you are interested in adopting one of the projects, contact Tara Evans, Campground Manager.

All Cabins 1-6, 8-10 (All Cabins)

  1. Pressure wash

  2. Paint walls - inside and out (outside color scheme must match other cabins)

  3. Paint floors

  4. Curtain rods

  5. Smoke detectors

  6. Shower curtain

Additional repair needs

Cabin 1 - Trim board over water heater & paint around water heater

Cabin 2 - Clothes hanging bars, bathroom door casing & new shower head

Cabin 3 - Clothes hanging bars, cabinet around water heater rebuilt & outside door casing replaced

Cabin 4 - Window replaced, clothes hanging bars & reattach water heater cabinet

Cabin 5 - Clothes hanging bars, window replaced & water heater counter caulked

Cabin 6 - Bathroom ceiling repaired & mirror(s)

Cabin 8 - Paint shower floor & bathroom door replaced

Cabin 9 - No additional requirements

Cabin 10 - Replace 2 windows & may need ceiling repair in bathroom

Dorm Repair List

Possibly paint paneling

Shower curtains

New carpet or flooring

Interior doors

Activity Building Classrooms

Hallways painted

Walls washed down

Nursery toys washed

Curtains washed

Possibly paint walls

RV Bathrooms

New Sink drains

Toilet shut off valve

New door screen

New window screens

Replace 1 shower faucet

Replace 3 sink shutoff valves

Dining Hall

Beams cleaned

Walls painted

Replace broken window

Chimney cleaned

Handicap bathroom floor painted

Hot water valve fixed

Men's bath sink shut off valve fixed

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