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Welcome to Bluff Springs Campground!

Calendar of Events


January 27                     Craft Day

February 2-3        Pastor/CFO Retreat

February 6-8           Colby Prison Min

February 24                   Craft Day

March 1-3                    Men's Retreat

March 11-15              Azalea Reunion

March 16                         Craft Day

March 21-24                 Kairos

March 23        ALNWFL Easter Egg Hunt

April 12 -13             ALNWFL Priesthood

April 19-21        Crestveiw/EB Retreat

April 27                        Craft Day

May 18                           Work Day            

June 2-8                        SR high

June 8-12                          ISO

June 12-16                  SKAMP

*June 17-22                  Reunion

June 23 - 28                  JR Camp

June 29                        Craft Day

June 30 - July 6                JR High 

July 8-12                         Liberty

July 25 -27              Renovation Ministry 

August 16-18            Gulf MC Event

*August 31 - September 2   Labor Day

September  12 -15           KAIROS Inside

September 21              Craft Day 

October 12                    Craft Day

October 18-19            ALNWFL MCC

October 26                Fall  Festival

October 25 - 27  Young Adult Retreat 

November 1-3  Women’s Retreat

Camp forms and info available here.

*These events are open to the public (some age and gender restrictions may apply).

Bluff Springs Campground is owned and operated by the Alabama/Northwest Florida and Gulf Mission Centers of the Community of Christ Church.  The grounds are administered by a Board of Directors.

Located about 40 miles north of Pensacola in Northwest Florida, Bluff Springs provides the Alabama/Northwest Florida and Gulf Mission Centers, as well as other organizations with a beautiful place for worship and relaxation.


Bluff Springs Campground is utilized for numerous activities, including:

  • Youth Camps

  • Reunions

  • Weekend Retreats

  • Family Camps

  • Boy & Girl Scout camps

  • Church events

  • Weddings


Many of these programs are open to the public and the grounds are available on a reservation basis.  For more information about the various activities offered or reserving the campgrounds, call (850) 256 - 2767.


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